The world needs logic and empathy more than ever.

As a graduate-educated scientist and lifelong nerd, I bring an analytical approach to most things in life. Unlike some (but not all!) of my contemporaries in STEM, I also share a deep appreciation for the humanities and embrace my work at the intersection of creativity and science.

Often out of necessity, the news is being presented as either a tug-at-the-heartstrings story or a data dump of numbers. Among other things, this dichotomy has often split readers into either emotionless robots who are on Team Science or feelings-focused Team Humanity.

Like many things, the truth, understanding, and lesson are somewhere in the middle.

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About Mallie

  • Former tornado chaser, published scientist, active writer/editor

  • Mother to a 2020 pandemic baby

  • Introvert with more ideas than close friends

  • “Spoonie” with chronic physical and mental health issues


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Mallie Rydzik

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